Here pictures of this sunday…
Another nice trip to Downtown Denver – and „Hard Rock Café“

17th Street Hard Rock Denver The mile high city

And here we go, another week.



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50 –

In a stormy week without a snow day at school, some light shines through.

Out schoolband got a bus and we can go to the CHSAA contest next week, that we cancled already. Happy happy happy.. i think that’s gonna be a lot of fun! And i finally can get chash with my Credit Card, since every single ATM wouldn’t give me anything.

School is getting more and more fun towards the end and in my last month of American High school, fear of being lost back in my German high school grows. But I think I can handle that. Polynomdivison, stuff I didn’t get in Germany, goes much more easy in my head over here. I think it’s the different perspective and fun-feeling when I’m going to school over here. It makes it easier. Planned the last weekends until my return. I’m extremely sad about leaving so early. It feels like last week, that i sat at home in Germany and saw the first pictures of my host family! Which is my family now. Like my international, American family. I can’t wait until my next trip to the US and visit them all again. Hopefully soon. In 2/3 years maybe. Maybe with my German family together. And there is my sister, who might go over here too, for one or two semesters.. being a FES in big, beautiful, crazy Colorado.

Bis bald.. Felix

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Am We in strahlender Sonne in den Bergen gewesen. Heute 1foot Schee, Wind und Wolken. Heute und Morgen noch mehr Schnee..! SCHNEEEE!
Tiefster Winter im April.. Danke Colorado

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Noch 52 Tage

So what.. in 7 weeks my trip is over. Somehow back to Germany. Today I’ll start counting the days. I cant’t believe it is going that fast. I’m definitely coming back with an other feeling of time. Yesterday I got asked from a schoolmate who I never met before; „Are you the German?“ – „Yes, … “ – „So, are you living in Germany?“ – „No, in Deutschland.“ – „What, where is that??“ – Facepalm!    That’s, what every FES has to live through. 🙂

I used my spring break to go skiing again. It was a really fun trip, and i think i did pretty well for my 3rd day on skis. 😉 Something I learned over here, that I can keep for my whole life!

I learned a lot in the last three month. I got a new family and new friends. I still like: It’s like a second life.
But I also could experience the strength of friendships and relationships to people I know for a long or short time in Germany. It is hard though to keep up and stay in contact with all this important factors over 7,800 Kilometer, when it was my choice to let ‚em behind. I’m not homesick. I don’t have time to be homesick.. I’m into this life and like everybody told me before, I wish I could stay longer now. I’m very very sad, that my days are counted and..

„.. every day is the first day of the rest of your time in America.“

But not forever!

I miss my family in Germany, my friends and daily life. I miss all the people, I would not see every day in Germany either. To make experiences like that scared me and made me mad and let me think about behaviors and habits of mine. Different priorities took place in my way of thinking. I’ll not talk about how much America changed me yet, because there is so much stuff i still WANT TO DO during the rest of my time. It’s not over yet.

I wish all my friends, who are in America or on the other side of the earth, the very best, joy and fun for our last couple month!

Your heart is kind..

Best wishes, Felix.

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Ausflug ins Blaue.. ..second life

Between changing weather from 65° F and snowstorm, and the rushing crazy-normal life of America, am I .. between blue sky, desert and impressive mountains, and awesome friends in a even more awesome host family  in Colorado!

I expected that the time will fly once I landed in the daily life of my school, my family and America. In the last past weeks I felt landed and safe. I’m arrived completely and know it happens like expected. I can’t believe that half of my time over here is over next week! Halftime.. That makes me sad and I’m happy that I can share all this and all the experiences to my friends and other FESes (Foreign Exchange Student). I know I got lazy in contacting Germany. My family and friends. I miss them a lot and I’ll try to send you living signs from me 😉

Another German FES, I have talked to today, said something that is absolute true..

„Its like two different lives“

I could talk and report you guys about my school (My Rammstein listening English teacher, my Health teacher who tries to speak German with me and wants to show me Nena, Major Tom and „Der Kommissar“ from felt 2 centuries ago, my pregnant Psychology teacher who tells me everything about her cats killing dog, my History teacher who build 10 minutes of „ask the German“ into his lessons, or my Band teacher who looks exactly like Jan Josef Liefers). But i think I’ll not tell you about the High school spirit and all this stuff like any other FES.

All Kid’s who are going to go to the U.S., if you don’t like snow, don’t even think about Colorado!
I looove the Colorado snow! We had really funny car trips through the winter Broomfield fields.

Winter at 127th Place

It had to be nearly halftime for getting me to Denver Downtown City.. it was at night and a couple of friends, my host mom and dad and I went for people-watching to „16th Street Mall“. And we saw cool stuff at the empty street.. as we all were standing on a huge stairway like silly freaks, a bunch of Party people came along and covered us under a parachute-kind of thing .. 🙂 we had a lot of fun. Next time I’m gonna visit it at daytime and go shopping and of course visit the Hard Rock Cafe!

1st trip to Downtown

1st trip to Downtown

at 16th Street Mall

at 16th Street Mall

Crazy people covering us.. ;-)

Crazy people covering us.. 😉

Last weekend my German Local Coordinator was here in Colorado and finished her America-school tour. She talked at my school and because of the unpopularity of Student Exchange.. BAAM! A lot of kids were coming and asking me even more questions and primitive questions about Germany. It is hilarious and frightening what some parents and students think about our country.

Me and my iE Moms :)

Me and my iE Moms

I will give you more in a couple of days..

I miss Germany and I’m sure that I’ll have a great time until June. I’m fine, I’m great and I loooove America 😉
But guys please, stop being monkeys..

Best wishes


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